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Nantucket History - Jared Coffin House

Jared Coffin House - Nantucket History
The Jared Coffin house, a historic mansion in the heart of Nantucket, is a rich landmark with ties to the sea that lines its sandy shores. Built in 1845 by Jared Coffin, one of the most successful ship owners during the island's prime whaling days, this splendid three-story mansion was constructed in the center of town as his family's residence. It was the first such ‘mansion' ever built on the New England island.
In 1846, a fire destroyed a third of the community. The Jared Coffin House withstood the flames and still stands tall today. In fact, the brick walls and slate roof of the Jared Coffin House resisted the fire and helped stop its spread.
 In 1857 Eben W. Allen built a three-story addition that containd sixteen bedrooms, which was connected to the north side to the Swain House. In 1961 it was completely restored by the Nantucket Historical Trust and later was reopened as the Jared Coffin House. Presently the hotel is comprised of thirty rooms in the main building and thirteen rooms in the Daniel Webster building, located next door.
Since it was erected, Jared Coffin House serves as a centerpiece of the Nantucket Historic District. It has become the essence of Nantucket lodging: historic and majestic, yet welcoming and charming. It brings together the best of Nantucket, past and present.