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A Historic Nantucket Hotel

Constructed in 1845, Jared Coffin House is a historic mansion in the heart of downtown Nantucket. Built by Jared Coffin, one of the most successful ship owners during the island's whaling days, this three-story mansion was built as a home for his family. It was the first mansion ever built on the New England island, standing as a stately landmark in the center of Nantucket.

The Jared Coffin House - A Historic Nantucket Hotel
Our History

A Nantucket Historic District Landmark

Since it was erected, Jared Coffin House has served as a centerpiece of the Nantucket Historic District. This charming hotel has become the essence of island lodging. Historic and majestic, yet welcoming and charming, Jared Coffin House brings together the best of Nantucket's past and present.
  • 1846 - 1961
    In 1846, a fire destroyed a third of the community. Jared Coffin House withstood the flames and still stands tall today. The home's brick walls and slate roof resisted the fire and helped stop its spread. In 1857, Eben W. Allen built a three-story addition that included sixteen bedrooms, which was connected to the Swain House. 
  • Celebrating Women Entrepeneurs
    Jared Coffin House is steps away from what was historically called "Petticoat Row." In the era when whaling was extremely popular for men, women became inspired to become entrepreneurs. In honor of these inspiring historical women, we named four of our newest accommodations after them. Maria Mitchell, Anna Gardner, Lucretia Mott, and Mary Coffin Starbuck are all admirable women that now have suites in their names.
  • 1961 - Present
    In 1961, the mansion was completely restored by the Nantucket Historical Trust and was later reopened as the Jared Coffin House. Today, the hotel is comprised of 35 rooms and suites in the main building and thirteen rooms in the Daniel Webster building, located next door.
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